Tips on Cleaning Stainless Steel Furniture


Stainless steel furniture gives a feel of modernity and sophistication to your home at the same time. Stainless steel furniture is widely accepted among the customers due to its chic and trendy style. At the same time, this type of furniture ensures long lasting durability. Glowing stainless steel furniture with an excellent lacquer finish gives an elegant and graceful look to your house. As it is made up of an alloy of steel and chromium, it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Due to its sleekness and leanness, stainless furniture is easy to move. Again, the furniture acquires less space in the house. Like wooden furniture, stainless steel furniture requires regular care and maintenance to keep it shiny and glowing. Let us check out some of the ways in which we can achieve success in this task:

Clean the Furniture with Warm Water and Cloth


You should try to clean stainless steel furniture routinely with warm water and cloth. Do not forget to dry the furniture with dry towel, if you want to remove any excessive water. Again, you need to try to clean in the same direction as that of polish or lacquer to avoid water spots on the furniture. In case your furniture requires a powerful cleaning, you can use dish washing liquid or mild detergent to clean it. You can even use water to dilute detergent, so that it may not damage the polish of stainless steel. You must make sure to clean it with a dry cloth afterwards to remove mineral spots, which may be caused on the furniture due to water.

Remove Imprinted Fingerprints Using Glass Cleaners


Other problem, which a stainless steel furniture might come through, is the fingerprints that are imprinted very easily. You can use glass cleaner mixed with a little water to remove fingerprints from the stainless steel furniture. There is also the option of using household ammonia to remove the fingerprints. You should never opt for using ammonia directly on the stainless steel surface. You must dilute it with water, prior to using it on your stainless steel furniture.

Sand Paper Helps in Removing Stains from Stainless Furniture


You can also use sand paper to remove tough stains from your stainless steel furniture. You can rub stainless steel furniture well with sandpaper and then use a neutral color car wax. This will make sure that the glow and shine of the stainless steel is maintained. You can also use paintbrush to remove dust particles from the craved area of the stainless steel furniture. You must use a steel brush at the welded joints to remove any rust particles so that you can get the brighter surface of the furniture.

Furniture should be Made of Dried Teak


You need to make sure that teak wood furniture, which you are going to purchase, is made up of dried teak. If the wood contains moisture, the behavior of the furniture will be severely affected. Moist teak wood furniture is liable to splitting, cracking, shrinking and wrapping. You need to make sure that the teak wood is kiln dried to avoid any future damages.

Other Ways of Maintaining the Furniture


In case you are using stainless steel furniture in garden or patio area, you must try to protect it from environmental elements like blunt sunlight, harsh rains and ruthless winds. Excessive exposure to these environmental factors will snatch away the glow and elegance from your stainless steel furniture. You must try to cover furniture in winter to protect it from moisture and humidity. You also need to avoid placing stainless steel furniture near chloride-filled swimming pool, as chloride enhances the process of corrosion. In case you live near sea, you must make sure that you are using electro polish for stainless steel furniture to prevent it from damage.

Stainless steel furniture requires less maintenance ad repair as compared to wooden furniture. However, for longer durability and sustainability, you must take good care of your stainless steel furniture to ensure good functionality and stability.