How to purchase Durable and Stylish Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture


Sales of teak wood furniture are becoming increasingly high from the last few years. As teak wood is naturally rich in oil and silica, it proves to be resistant against woodworms, insects and decaying. According to a rough estimate, the demand of teak wood furniture is growing at the rate of 10 percent per annum. People love to use teak wood furniture, as their patio and garden furniture or outside garden buildings, like garden cabins. However, you must keep a few things in mind before buying teak wood furniture to avoid cracking, patching or teak wood rot.

Opt for Fully Machine Made Teak Wood Furniture


The manufacturing of teak wood furniture is done under three different ways. You have the option to buy fully machine made or semi-machine made of handmade teak wood furniture from the market. While purchasing teak wood furniture, you should try to prefer fully machine made teak wood furniture. Such types of furniture are much more durable when compared to the others. Machines ensure that the joints and various components of the furniture should be fit in a precise manner to ensure longevity. When it comes to the machine made teak wood furniture, it is a bit expensive as compared to others. This is mainly due to the fact that they involve expensive manufacturing process. However, every piece of the furniture comes with absolute quality control.

Grade A Teak Wood should be the Preferred Option


While purchasing teak wood furniture, you need to make sure that you are purchasing Grade A teak. Grade A teak is the most expensive among the three grades of teak that are A, B and C, as it comprises of the heartwood of the tree. It is costly as only 20 to 25 percent of the mature log of teak is graded as Grade A teak. You can identify Grade A teak very easily due to its curvy grains, uniform honey color and smoothness. This grade is the most durable teak, as it is rich in protective oils and silica. The grain of wood is clearly visible in it and it makes the wood silky and even in touching. Next is the Grade B teak wood. This grade is also made up of the heartwood. However, it has less visible grains, dull color and much less oily as compared to Grade A teak. Finally, there is another Grade of teak wood, the Grade C teak wood. This teak wood is made up of the outer sapwood. It has high contrast in colors along with bold patches. It is considered as a low quality teak wood, as it has a very short lifespan due to its inferior quality.

Try to Find Out if the Product is Chemically Treated or Not


Sometimes, furniture suppliers try to fool customers by selling them furniture made of chemically treated teak wood. They treat C class teak with highly acidic material containing Sulphuric acid to even out the patches. Another chemical use to treat C class teak wood is hydrogen peroxide to make the wood as smooth and shiny as Grade A teak. These types of chemicals are toxic. They have the possibility of causing respiratory problems in children and pregnant women. It is difficult to spot chemically treated teak wood. However, you can identify the same, if you come to see of a doubtfully dark-colored teak wood. 

Furniture should be Made of Dried Teak


You need to make sure that teak wood furniture, which you are going to purchase, is made up of dried teak. If the wood contains moisture, the behavior of the furniture will be severely affected. Moist teak wood furniture is liable to splitting, cracking, shrinking and wrapping. You need to make sure that the teak wood is kiln dried to avoid any future damages.

Other Factors


Other important factors regarding the manufacturing of teak wood furniture are the quality of glue, hardware, design and shape of the timber. Strongly glued teak furniture has a long lasting durability as compared to the low quality glue, which cannot stand the test of time and weather. You must make sure that all the fixtures are of high quality to ensure strength of the furniture. Last but not the least, you must try to get guarantee from the retailer for the absolute peace of your mind while purchasing teak wood furniture.

How to Protect Teak Furniture from Environmental Factors


Teak wood furniture is one of the most trusted furniture due to its durability, style and resilience. Due to its natural strength, glow and flexibility, teak wood furniture is the first choice for patio and garden furniture. If you take care of your teak wood furniture properly, it will become lifetime furniture for sure. As the wood directly comes from the rainforests, it has a natural tendency to withstand molds, wood rot, insects and mildew.  With the help of protective measure described below, you can keep your teak wood furniture as glowing and healthy as ever.

Protect the Furniture from the Blunt Rays of the Sun


If you are using teak wood furniture in your garden or a tree bench, you should try to protect it from the blunt rays of sun. The color of the teak furniture transform greatly due to the direct exposure to the sunlight. Although teak is natural strong and can withstand the sunlight, the excessive sunlight can change the original look and feel of your teak wood furniture. Harsh sunrays can steal away the brown and dull orange color of the teak wood replacing it with grayish or silver color. Although gray and silver colored teak looks attractive, but most of the people want to maintain the natural color of the teak wood furniture. Try to place the furniture in the covered area of your backyard or patio. If you do not have any covered patio area, you can purchase a patio umbrella to avoid the sun from hitting in the very first place.

Protect the Furniture from Other Natural Elements


Other natural elements like rain, wind and dew can also take part in slow decaying of your teak furniture for garden. Although teak wood is rich in natural oils that act as a defense against these natural elements still you try protecting it from the natural elements as teak wood releases it oils to protect it from the environmental hazards. Re-nourish the teak wood with oils to ensure long lasting smoothness.

Opt for Sanding and Staining of Teak Wood Furniture to Ensure Longevity


A number of people like stained teak wood furniture. Staining is a process to change the actual golden brown color of the teak. Stained teak wood furniture could never return to its original color. So, staining must be done after much consideration. Staining should be done when the teak wood new and healthy, as the process is difficult and quite risky. When you feel that the original color of your teak wood furniture is fading, you must understand that it is the time of sanding and oiling the teak wood furniture. Teak oil is an essential factor in keeping the original color and smoothness of the teak wood furniture. Sanding is another solution to avoid fading of the teak wood furniture.

Try to Maintain the Metal Parts of the Furniture


As teak wood furniture is made up of teak wood and metal hardware parts, you should also take care of metal parts of wood teak furniture. You should try to protect metal parts of the furniture from rust and corrosion. Always keep the metal parts in polished and cleaned from by protecting them from moisture and water.

By following simple tips and techniques described above, you can make your teak wood furniture long lasting, durable, and perfect for your lifetime.